44 zettabytes

In 2020, the amount of data stored in digital format in the world will reach a new milestone: 44 zettabytes, or 44,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. The amount of data is now increasing dramatically. Today, the data produced in a year by an ordinary family could be stored in the memory of 65 iPhones. In 2020, it will take 318 iPhones.

Even today, companies can process incredible amounts of data – and nearly in real time at best. Data is becoming a competitive asset that companies can use to improve their services and obtain more detailed information about their customers. Therefore, we want to highlight this theme in our annual review. Our message to you is: We are facing the arrival of a data revolution. Your data is important.

We all leave footprints of our activities on the Internet. Small streams accumulate into rivers of data.

Each second

Google searches are made on the Internet.

Each minute, Facebook users publish

New status updates

Each day, Twitter users
send about



Each day


photos are uploaded on the Internet by people around the world.

Even though the use of data in business and the amount of data we produce ourselves are both increasing rapidly, most Finns know very little about how their personal data are used.

The ignorance is apt to increase worries about the misuse of personal data. It also breeds misconceptions and ungrounded fears.

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Only one out of ten Finns carefully reads the terms of use of online services during registration.


Amongst Google users the ignorance is even more pronounced.

Eight Finns out of ten are concerned about the possibility that businesses disclose their data to other businesses.

“Personal data, such as name, personal identification number or address information, are not collected, unless the visitor has specifically been asked for such data and has agreed to provide them.”

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In the operations of Finnish companies, the importance of data is also continuously increasing. We can see this in our daily work at Alma Media: completely new jobs are created and new expertise develops in the company.

Digital trends reshape media business

“Companies with experts who can extract the essential information from extensive masses of data and convert it into market value will be successful.”

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Growth Hacking

“We are going to test new operating models. It is important that the testing is also based on data, not instinct or hunch.” Laura Tuomela, Growth hacker, Kauppalehti

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Growth hacker

The new era is also present in the content produced by Alma Media’s brands. There are many channels and the content is produced at the pace of the digital age.

We produce

new pieces of content for web and mobile every hour.

Finnish people watched

hours of IL-TV in December 2014.

There were on average

weekly visits to Alma Media’s different services’ internet sites in 2014.


of visits to Alma Media’s biggest online sites are from smart phones or tablets.

Online advertising grows – also in Alma Media.

Investments in online media advertising caught up with those in TV in 2014.

Distribution of Alma Media’s advertising sales in 2014.

Varied use of data, growth hackers, and statistics about the rapid growth of mobile use are all examples of the transitions reshaping the media field.

We at Alma Media see that digitalisation provides new possibilities. We strive to increase our digital revenue up to 50% until 2020 and are on a solid path towards this objective.

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