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The year 2014 was a time of strong growth in digital media for the Financial Media and Business Services segment.

The Financial Media and Business Services segment’s revenue in 2014 was MEUR 53.0 (56.8), of which online business accounted for 43.0 (33.4) per cent. Revenue decreased by 6.7 per cent year-on-year. The divestment of the BNS business operations in February 2014 had an effect on the decline in revenue.

Content revenue for the Financial Media and Business Services segment declined by 3.5 per cent to MEUR 16.2 (16.8), but digital content revenue increased by 20.2 per cent in 2014, and the increase partly covered the decline in content revenue for print media. Online advertising revenue also continued to grow. The increase from the previous year was 14.4 per cent.

Digital development continues

During the year, the Financial Media and Business Services segment took several steps forward to provide even better service to both audiences and advertisers. Kauppalehti developed multi-channel content, including the launch of new mobile news services for iPhone and Android devices. In addition, a digital edition of Kauppalehti Optio was launched during the year. Kauppalehti also published new blogs aimed at experts in various sectors, built using new social media elements.

Kauppalehti’s digital renewal project progressed to the beta stage in the second quarter, and the renewed website was launched in January 2015. The site has been entirely rebuilt to respond to the changing usage habits and needs of the audience and advertisers. The content has been designed to serve the information needs of the Finnish decision-maker in the best possible way throughout the day. For advertisers, the new site allows more specific targeting and, for instance, new solutions for the challenges posed by corporate communications. Kauppalehti will also expand its video production in conjunction with the renewal of the website. 

The Business Premises service, one of Kauppalehti’s digital business services, also underwent a renewal process. The service’s design and visual style were renewed along with the technological platform, making it easily accessible across all devices. Kauppalehti’s business information service offering was expanded in January 2015 by Alma Media’s acquisition of JM Tieto, which specialises in information and expert services in B2B sales and marketing. JM Tieto will be reorganised in spring 2015 to form a part of the Kauppalehti Information Services.

Due to the recession and weak macroeconomic outlook, Alma Media initiated several measures in the third quarter to increase its cost efficiency. In relation to these measures, the content agency Alma 360, which is part of the Financial Media and Business Services segment, implemented organisational changes. As a result of statutory employee negotiations, the number of employees in Alma 360 was reduced by 12 people.

The Financial Media and Business Services segment focused its operations increasingly on financial media and digital business services by selling BNS Group, a news agency and media monitoring unit that was previously reported under Financial Media and Business Services, in March 2014.

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