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The National Consumer Media segment continued the development of its online services in 2014, with significant progress made in areas such as online TV.

Revenue for the National Consumer Media segment declined by 4.2 per cent to MEUR 46.9 (49.0) in 2014. The segment’s content revenue declined by 7.8 per cent to MEUR 28.5 (30.9) in January–December.

The focus on content and native marketing online was however reflected in the segment’s result. Digital advertising revenue grew by 20.8 per cent to MEUR 12.5 (10.4), and online business accounted for 27.0 (21.5) per cent of the segment’s revenue.

IL-Media’s video production and advertising solutions as the focal area of development 

IL-Media had a strong focus on the development of online TV in 2014. In the first quarter of 2014, IL-TV implemented a new distribution platform that improves video functionality in applications. IL-TV also launched a number of new shows and programme formats, such as the Pelipäivä (Game Day) studio, which follows the NHL, IL-Doc, which reports on surprising and touching topics, and Kämppikset (Roommates), a new action comedy series that is Finland’s first fictional series written exclusively for online television. 

The new and renewed services attracted new viewers and advertisers. The volume of video publishing and viewing in IL-TV grew approximately by 100 per cent in 2014, and advertising sales in this new channel developed favourably. The most-viewed videos on IL-TV in 2014 were videos related to Finnish Independence Day, with more than 1.5 million viewers.

Digital media was also developed by introducing tablet content and implementing organisational changes. IL-Media introduced new tablet content free to consumers, such as the Cars 2014 and Summer Kitchen tablet publications. Also in 2014, IL-Media established a joint lifestyle editorial team that brings together digital services in the areas of housing, health, cars, and travel. The company completed statutory personnel negotiations in the third quarter, which resulted in the combination of the photo and layout departments of IL-Media into a single visual design department to adopt an increasingly multi-channel approach and reduce overlapping work.

The content marketing solutions offering was expanded in 2014. Similarly to Kauppalehti, IL-Media launched new turn key concepts for content and native marketing to help advertisers utilise earned media.

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