Awards and recognition in 2014

Alma Media received several awards and recognition in 2014. Raahen Seutu was chosen as the best local newspaper in 2014 in its category in a local newspaper competition organised by the Finnish Newspapers Association, with Nokian Uutiset finishing third in the same category. Nokian Uutiset also won the award for best online service in the category.

Magazines and online services produced by Alma Media’s content agency, Alma 360, again won awards in 2014 in Folio Magazine’s Eddie&Ozzie magazine competition. Yrittäjä magazine and the Yhteishyvä Live online service designed and produced by Alma 360 won first prizes in their respective categories., Etiketti and Alma Media’s own annual publication Living Information also received an honorable mention at the gala. Yhteishyvä has also received other recognition in recent times, as the magazine was rated the most valued family and general-interest magazine by Finns in the Brändien arvostus 2014 (“Brand Valuation 2014”) survey.

Alma Media’s printing and distribution company Alma Manu Oy was awarded an extension of its membership in the Wan-Ifran Color Quality Club for the period 2014–2016. The Tampere printing press was awarded an extension of its membership based on the Satakunnan Kansa newspaper. Previous memberships were achieved with Aamulehti (2012) and Kauppalehti (2010). Membership of the WAN-IFRA Quality Club is the internationally most prestigious acknowledgment of a newspaper printer's production quality.

Alma Media’s corporate responsibility efforts were recognised in Slovakia when Via Bona Awards selected the Alma Media’s’s social responsibility online service and development project focusing on supporting Slovakian schools and high-quality recruitment of teachers as the best CSR project in 2014.

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