Annual General Meeting 2012

Documents related with the Annual General Meeting are available on this page as pdf files unless otherwise stated.

Meeting minutes

Decisions taken by the Annual General Meeting (link to the release on Mar 14, 2012)

Presentation by Kai Telanne, President and CEO (in Finnish)

Proposal by the Nomination and Compensation Committee for the composition and remuneration of the Board of Directors (link to the release)

Notice to convene the Annual General Meeting (link to the release)

Proposals by the Board to the Annual General Meeting

Report by the Board, Financial Statements and Auditor's Report

Annual Review 2011

Description of the file


Right to bring a matter on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) agenda

Shareholders are entitled to bring matters on the AGM's, provided that such a matter requires a decision by the Annual General Meeting according to the Finnish Companies Act and that the request is submitted in writing to the Board of Directors early enough to be included in the Notice to the Annual General Meeting.

Regarding the AGM of 2012, shareholders were asked to submit their requests to the Board of Directors by e-mail to no later than January 23, 2012.